Trading Standards warns about Coronavirus personal protective goods

Cambridgeshire Trading Standards Service is asking local residents to report any online products claiming to protect people against coronavirus that haven’t been provided by a reputable supplier or nationally approved. This could be home-made sanitisers, genuine looking face masks claiming protection and coronavirus swabbing kits. These products can often be dangerous and unsafe. This is a time when unscrupulous criminals will attempt to make illegal profit and prey on the fears of the most vulnerable in our society.

In addition to cracking down on such products, you might also be interested to read the latest Public Health England blog about personal protective equipment (known as ‘PPE’) and what is being recommended for the necessary excursions we are having to make. For the vast majority the recommendation is to maintain a clear distance of 2m (or six foot) between yourself and anyone else, and  adopt regular and thorough hand washing practices.

Members of the public can contact the Trading Service via the Citizens Advice helpline on 0808 223 1133